Affiliation Program


The official launch of our Affiliate Program is to allow people who love the brand, earn with the brand! You might be wondering how does this work, well let us tell you:
  • Affiliates will receive a 30% discount code upon acceptance into the program.
  • Affiliates are asked to present themselves wearing Supply Drop Apparel merchandise on Social media platforms such as; Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Twitch.
  • Affiliates will receive a discount code to their liking for their followers and community members to use which will grant them 10% off all products! (This will then allow the affiliate to claim their 10% (Which they may claim after 10 sales using their code))


Most frequent questions and answers

We are afraid not everyone can become an Affiliate, we currently only open the program to a select few.
As we grow with our community we do intend on expanding the program!

If and When you have been accepted into the program you will receive a detailed email in which you will need to respond to, our payment plan is after 10 sales (Tracked via code) we will send you commission via PayPal.

The Affiliate Program became a real thing when we decided the best way to grow is with out community! In doing this we expect our community to grow with us and have a very friendly and communicative base with people!

There are a couple of things you will need to consider before applying for this program;

  1. Do you have a social media account with a large presence?
  2. Do you actively post on that social media account?
  3. Do you like the type of clothing Supply Drop Apparel Offers?