The truth behind

Supply Drop Apparel, Limited, was founded in February of 2019. The starting point of the company was merely only a concept between a couple of eSports managers whom were sick of being involved with other Apparel companies that don’t deliver on what was promised of them.

Jerseys and Hoodies were in high demand for the eSports communities across the globe, to have merchandise to represent your team is a goal to most if not all eSports Communities and when provided the opportunity to do so, you’d snatch it as soon as possible. The issue arises when you don’t know what you’ve just latched your team/organisation onto, a service that doesn’t get delivered by the due date, sizes completely off, quality not as advertised and then customer service that just throws you off at the end of the day.

We’ve probably all gone through this in the eSports scene, if not you’ve just been lucky, but we were sick of it so I began doing my research on Apparel Manufacturing and found 2 companies which I was happy to work along side with to help me create amazing apparel and accessories to offer to the eSport world and extend into a more generalized apparel company.

After all that, all that was left to officially be a company was registering it, in which I did imminently here in my home town of Dublin, Ireland. A registered company now fully ready to conquer the Apparel industry with the hopes of going big one day